Top 10 Signs You’re Dating a Psychology Major


It’s extaordinarily irritating to hear him repeat, “You’re only Jung once.”


You awake in the middle of the night to a tape repeating “this time it’s true love.”


You get an electric shock every time you leave the toilet seat up.


Everything she says sound interesting but has no practical value.


A trip to any fast food joint always results in ketchup-and-napkin Rorschach tests.


After you fall down the stairs, she asks “How does that make you feel?”


Instead of a goodnight kiss, she leaves you with “Looks like our time’s about up”.


Win one lousy game of Nintendo and suddenly you’re a manic bipolar schizophrenic with blatent passive/agressive tendencies.


During arguments calmly says, “What I hear is that you can’t stand my overly rational, Spock-like approach, and that you feel I should have the stick extracted from my ass. Is that correct?”

The #1 sign you’re dating a Psychology Major…

You’re rewarded with a peanut everytime you correctly hit the G spot.

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