Top 10 Chaotic Cards for MTG Commander

Over the past few years, Commander (formerly known as Elder Dragon Highlander) has proven to be one of Magic: The Gathering’s most successful formats. Part of the appeal is not having to worry about card rotation. But we know the real fun comes from politics and general mayhem only made possible in multiplayer.

The following cards are sure to spice things up on the battlefield with sheer randomness or painfully awkward moments. Don’t blame us if you lose some friends from adding these into your decks… For the record, we didn’t include any of the banned cards like Shahrazad or Worldfire. Or cards like Chaos Confetti and Falling Star, which are on a league of their own.

#10 Divine Intervention

Chaotic cards MTG Commander divine intervention

Yes, there’s a card in Magic that can draw the game intentionally after two turns.

Combine it with Vampire Hexmage to stop playing immediately – and probably lose your playgroup as a bonus.

#9 Omen Machine

Chaotic cards MTG Commander omen machine

Being able to play your bombs without spending their mana costs is big.

Plus the fact blue players will weep if this card resolves is worth the trouble, effectively shutting down any card draw.

Combine Omen Machine with Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir for a quick win.

#8 Timesifter

Chaotic cards MTG Commander time sifter

Ah, extra turns. Always fun, unless you’re on the receiving end!

Being an artifact, Timesifter can be played in any deck. If you happen to have multiple high mana cost cards in your deck — which is common in Commander — prepare for some truly fun times.

Repeatable extra turns is nothing to scoff at, and the random element makes Timesifter an annoying, very chaotic card to play.

#7 Confusion in the Ranks

Chaotic cards MTG Commander confusion in the ranks

Lots of the best chaos cards come from the color of impulsiveness: red.

Confusion in the Ranks swaps creatures, enchantments and artifacts whenever another permanent of that type enters the battlefield.

Norin the Wary’s best friend creates weird situations where you’ll just wish to not play another card.

#6 Grip of Chaos

Chaotic cards MTG Commander grip of chaos

What happens when spells and abilities that target, do so randomly?

Grip of Chaos has a very suitable name. It’s costly, but the effect is powerful nonetheless.

Your opponents will have a hard time removing this enchantment unless it’s the only legal target on the battlefield or if they have stuff like Akroma’s Vengeance.

#5 Eye of the Storm

Chaotic cards MTG Commander eye of the storm

Blue doesn’t get that many chaotic cards in Commander, but when it does, watch out!

Eye of the Storm creates a stalemate where players will be afraid to cast their instants and sorceries. What’s the worst that could happen?!

When there’s a card like Time Stretch already “imprinted,” games tend to be… not so fun.

#4 Shared Fate

Chaotic cards MTG Commander shared fate

Another blue card makes the cut and this one’s a doozy.

Shared Fate can lock players who aren’t lucky enough to have the right colors of mana to play their opponents’ cards. Yes, you need to pay all costs!

For only 5 mana, this enchantment brings a whole new way to play the game… or wish you were doing something better.

#3 Possibility Storm

Chaotic cards MTG Commander possibility storm

Getting on the podium of the most chaotic cards for MTG Commander is no small feat.

It comes as no surprise to see yet another red card high on the list.

When Possibility Storm resolves, you know the game just got wacky. Players no longer know which spells are gonna be cast, because the first one will be countered and replaced by another spell of the same type. Randomly, of course.

It’s quite possibly one of the craziest effects in the game.

#2 Warp World

Chaotic cards MTG Commander warp world

If you like to reset the game with new parameters, then Warp World is for you.

Shuffling all your permanents back into your library is annoying enough, now imagine revealing nothing but lands while your opponents get powerhouses for free.

Warp World can easily backfire and people will hate you for even casting it because of the time it adds to a game.

#1 Thieves’ Auction

Chaotic cards MTG Commander thieve auction

The mother of chaotic cards in MTG Commander.

Thieves’ Auction is a fun concept in theory. Until you realize not all players have different sleeves and you end up with Johnny’s favorite cards lost in your deck after inevitably flipping the table once this card resolves. Or gets Twincast’d.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Like red players. Playing Auction Thieves.


Feel free to add your favorite chaotic cards in MTG Commander below and share stories about’em!

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